ABCs of the PERM Labor Certification Process with Krystal Alanis of Reddy & Neumann, P.C.

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We all know that the PERM Process can be a long and daunting path to US citizenship. One of Park’s own, Emily Yam Grant, recently consulted  with Krystal Alanis, Partner at Reddy & Neumann, P.C., to get a better understanding of the details, timing, and amazing legal work immigration attorneys undertake to get candidates to the finish line. Not all heroes wear capes! Q: Can you give a general overview of the PERM Labor Certification process?

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Top 5 Things to Remember for a Successful PERM Advertising Campaign

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By: Rachel Horner When producing a PERM advertising campaign, there are several factors to consider: timeliness, accuracy, detail, and more. One mistake, and the applicant’s journey to obtaining their green card can be halted. Park Advertising knows that the stakes are especially high and is fully equipped to help. Throughout our experience with the DOL and PERM, we have seen our fair share of advertising pitfalls and have constantly tailored and adapted our services to help avoid and prevent such issues. Below is a rundown of important points to remember when undertaking a PERM advertising project—and what Park does to make that process easier. Make Sure the Ad is Correct in Every Sense The PERM process can be overwhelming, ...

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