Foreign Credential Evaluations FAQ

How do I submit a new evaluation request?

New case requests can be submitted using our Online Request Form.

If you need to submit multiple evaluation requests for different individuals, please fill out a separate form for each candidate.

Do you use AACRAO Edge Database for academic evaluations?

We have been using the AACRAO EDGE database since 2009 and our evaluations are specifically designed for the purposes of immigration.

How do I pay for a case?

If you have an established corporate account, we will email you an invoice along with your completed evaluation, that would be payable within 30 days. For ‘individual’ clients without a corporate account, payment in full will be required prior to completing any case. You will receive a link to pay online after the case has been initiated.

How will I receive my completed case?

Your completed case will be returned to you via email.

My documents are not in English. Do you need a translation to complete the evaluation?

Park requires a certified translation from a reputable translation company. If a translation is not available, we can provide a certified translation for you for an additional fee. Feel free to email us the files requiring translation and ask for a quote.

Do I need to send you my original documents?

No. Park does not accept original documents. Please submit copies of all documents via our Online Request Form or email them to [email protected].

How do I contact Park Evaluations?

You can go to the Contact Us page to fill out an online form, or to find our phone number and email address.

Where do I get more information about your PERM Advertising services?

You can reach Park Advertising at or send an email to [email protected].

How much does a foreign credential evaluation cost?

The rates for our foreign credential evaluations and expert opinion letters can be found on our rates tab.

How long does a foreign credential evaluation take to complete?

We offer a number of service times, depending on your needs, and the type of evaluation. The turnaround times for our foreign credential evaluations and expert opinion letters can be found here.