Academic Equivalency Evaluation

Park’s evaluators analyze the foreign educational credentials of the candidate in order to determine the American equivalent level of education – along with the degree and field of specialization – and arrive at an accurate assessment of academic standing. Academic Equivalency Evaluations account for the reality of the international educational system, the value of the school attended, credit hours completed, the topic and quality of the courses attended, and grades earned.

All evaluations are consistent with AACRAO EDGE.

In order to produce an academic equivalency evaluation, we require all academic records, including degree certificate(s) and transcripts. If academic records are in a language other than English, you can either provide us with certified translations or we can have them translated into English for an additional fee.

Course By Course Evaluation

At Park, the course by course evaluation is our most comprehensive academic evaluation. In addition to equating foreign credentials with their US equivalent, all courses taken are described; grades are recorded and then calculated toward comprehensive Grade-Point-Average Totals coherent with the academic style of universities in the United States.

In order to produce a course-by-course evaluation, we require all academic records, including degree certificate(s) and transcripts.

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Application Notes

1. For ‘individual’ clients without a corporate account, payment in full will be required prior to completing any case. You will receive a link to pay online after the case has been initiated.

2. Cases received after 1PM EST will be considered as having been received the following business day for the purposes of calculating turnaround time.

3. For large volume corporate clients, the application form is optional, assuming that the relevant data is included with your request. Relevant data is defined as the service requested as well as the candidate’s full legal name in the following format: FirstName LASTNAME