Park Evaluations: Delivering Comprehensive Solutions for a High-Stakes Immigration Case 

Park Evaluations: Delivering Comprehensive Solutions for a High-Stakes Immigration Case 

Posted by: Park Evaluations

By: Nikki Ummell

In recent months, Park Evaluations demonstrated unparalleled versatility and efficiency, particularly as we approached the bustling H-1B season. While we are known for our exceptional credential evaluations, expert opinion letters, and PERM recruitment services, a recent translation project showcased our ability to provide holistic solutions to complex immigration cases. 

The Challenge: A Multifaceted Translation Project 

A prominent law firm, in collaboration with a Fortune 500 company, faced the daunting task of facilitating the sale of a subsidiary, necessitating the translation of over 1,000 pages of critical business and legal documents from twelve different languages. This project was not just about translating content; it required a nuanced understanding of legal terminologies and business concepts across various jurisdictions. 

Our Solution: A Full-Service Approach 

Recognizing the multifaceted nature of this project, Park Evaluations mobilized its full spectrum of services to address the challenge head-on. Our translations team swiftly embarked on the translation task, delivering certified translations in less than a week—a significant achievement given the three-week deadline. This rapid turnaround, our fastest to date for such a voluminous project, highlighted our commitment to efficiency and excellence. 

The Impact: 

By employing a holistic approach, Park Evaluations not only facilitated the timely completion of the sale but also ensured that all immigration-related aspects of the transaction were handled with the utmost care and professionalism. Our ability to offer a full suite of services under one roof significantly simplified the process for our client, demonstrating our value as a one-stop solution for immigration law services. 

Engage with Us: 

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